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Acrylic mixed-media painting on plywood panel

30cm x 30cm (34cm x 34cm with frame)


Irresistible Thoughts

  • Looking down on a scene from a different perspective can bring a sense of calm. And in this series of abstract landscape pieces I aim to explore that physical and emotional space brought about by contemplation, But so often in real life, the intrusion of unwanted thoughts can disturb that peace, and this painting similarly reflects such discord. Restful colours and flat areas of lightness are interrupted by jagged lines and broken words on collaged scraps of paper. Wherever we go we cannot escape ourselves. There is only the hope of damping down the turmoil by immersing it in nature.

    The pieces have been created intuitively, each emerging through a process that includes many separate layers, which feature a number of different media. This has given the works a depth and individuality that is truly unique. They are presented in white, wooden floater frames.

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