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Guess the famous artist… and you could grab a bargain

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

It is not every day you get the chance to have your art appear alongside a whole roster of artistic luminaries — not to mention other celebrities and dignitaries.

Yet, as I write this, that is exactly what is happening.

My paintings are presently hobnobbing with the creations of, among others, Hurvin Anderson, Maggi Hambling CBE, Patrick Hughes, Anne Desmett RA, Russell Tovey, Kenneth Draper RA, Barnaby Barford, Craig Jefferson, Fran Giffard and Winston Branch.

fundraiser: the private view for the Combat Stress secret postcard auction at Bankside Gallery London

I'd like to be able to say more about the pieces I've created for this exhibition or show you a glimpse of the images here, but I can't.

Because it's a secret. And that is the fun of it.

A bit frustrating? Well yes, maybe, but that ultimately is the deal. And it's the same for all of us regardless of status.

Those taking part have each happily donated postcard-sized works of art for an auction in aid of Combat Stress, the UK's leading charity for veteran's mental health.

The twist in the tail being that the bidder doesn't know who produced which piece — and so the secrecy.

It's not the first time the concept has been used — indeed, it is the third year running that Combat Stress has itself held such an event, but the sense of mystery surrounding each card, and the artist behind it, is what makes the auction such an alluring proposition.

Not to mention a potentially financially rewarding one.

Eye catching: a guest at the auction's private view takes a discerning look at the collection of postcards

In all likelihood at the very least you will pick up a mini masterpiece for a not-too-costly sum. Add in the possibility that the artist of that postcard might be someone whose work usually goes for tens of thousands (maybe more) and, well, it's not difficult to see the appeal.

For a full list of the contributing artists head over to the charity's website:

The proceeds from the sale of the postcards will provide funding for the organisation's vital services — of which art therapy plays a huge part. These services help veterans to cope with crippling mental health conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder.

It's a reminder of the amazing impact that art can have on our wellbeing, both as a viewer and a creative participant.

The auction is live online now and runs until 7pm on October 22. So if you would like the opportunity to land an artwork by a famous artist, celebrity, veteran, just head over to the Combat Stress website and place a bid.

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