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About me

I'm a London-based painter and journalist. When I'm not editing news stories I'm pursuing my love of art — from a studio at the bottom of my garden.


My work explores colour and light in landscape. I’m interested in our emotional connection to nature, and its ability to affect our sense of wellbeing. I also want my paintings to be uplifting and restorative for the viewer, to mirror what we get from being in nature.


I draw on the countryside near me as a springboard, and process memories of other places in which I’ve lived or visited to create something, hopefully, more universal — shifting between representation and abstraction.


I’m obsessed with colour, how placing one hue next to another changes its dynamics, and am constantly searching for arresting or dramatic combinations. I work in acrylic paint and mediums using a broad range of palette knives, brushes and improvised tools.

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