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Norman Plastow Gallery, Wimbledon Village

June 8—14, 2024

A solo exhibition of paintings by London artist David Brett

My work concerns the landscape as a personal space through which I seek to explore themes of society, self and change. 


With colour, form and movement at its foundation, my interest is in creating a visual environment that lets often competing messages sit together and interact — including the emotional and intellectual, the written word and painted image. 


Second Nature, specifically, is a collection that reprocesses the 27 years I spent in the newsroom at the
London Evening Standard, and will take place in the home of tennis during the tournament. 

Formed from countless layers of mixed-media collage, I like to consider the works as chaotic whirls of activity, fracturing and endlessly evolving.


The series examines the noise of constant (often quite negative) information present in society and juxtaposes it with vibrant explorations of feelings.


In deconstructing and piecing back together my work as a journalist — employing collaged newspaper cuttings from stories that I’ve either written or subbed — I want to replicate the former role by editing what does and doesn’t make it to the canvas.

While a personal reflection on recent events, both societal and political, I hope the nature of the work’s abstraction allows others to engage with the paintings on their own terms.

Do come and visit the exhibition 11am-6pm weekdays

Norman Plastow Gallery

Wimbledon Village Club

26 Lingfield Road


London SW19 4QD

Admission free

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