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Man with an artist's paintbrush stands in a white studio working on a large abstract painting hung on a wall

Art2Life free workshop
February 13

This once-a-year free workshop is due to start really soon, so if you feel stuck creatively or that there is more to your art than you're bringing to the canvas…jump aboard!

A couple of years ago I was looking to take my work in a new, well...abstract direction. I knew I could make better paintings but wasn't sure how to get there.

Through following the recommendation of artists whose work I admired I happened upon the Art2Life workshop run by Californian painter Nicholas Wilton. Some of what I learnt was like a lightbulb being suddenly switched on, and I believe these insights have now helped me to turn a corner in my practice. Though I know it's not possible to ever reach a destination in art where all the problems are solved, I think I am better equipped to take my art forward.

What will I learn?

In the workshop Nick will be sharing insights about how to get unstuck faster, inject more freedom and joy into your process and push your creative boundaries.


Through focusing on three core principles – value, design, colour –

he will help you understand what is working in your art and what isn’t, hopefully leading you to create more hits and fewer misses. 


Value is the use of light and dark in your work. If your painting isn’t going well, it’s usually because your values are off – perhaps there are too many midtones.


The lesson on design helps explain how to make your art more interesting, personal and balanced.


Meanwhile, the third lesson not only covers basic colour theory but offers interesting insights into how to create harmony so that your work becomes more sophisticated, spacious and appealing.

Who is the workshop for?

This workshop has helped artists from complete beginners to those with years of experience.

The lessons are a great guide to making personal, meaningful and arresting art by taking pleasure in the process of creating.


Is it free?

Yes it is. You can continue to deepen your understanding of these principles with Nick's 12-week Creative Voice Program, but you absolutely don’t have to. This workshop is free and there is no obligation to do a paid-for course.

If you do choose later to take a paid-for course I would get a small referral fee, which helps me make more art.


Click here to sign up and save your seat on the free workshop!

An artist leans against a studio wall, arms folded and smiling. Words advertise a free workshop
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