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Acrylic mixed-media painting on plywood panel

30cm x 30cm (34cm x 34cm with frame)


In My Defence

  • What would it be like to look down on our lives from above the trees? To gain some perspective from a position of stillness? In this series of abstract landscape pieces I aim to explore physical and emotional space, contrasted with the pressure and noise of our day-to-day world. Angular lines on collaged scraps of paper and scribbled stream-of-consciousness words occssionally break through the smooth plains of colour. It's a meditation on the work-life balance, the bucolic versus the urban – recognising that there is also energy, drama and a form of chaos in the natural world.

    The pieces have been created intuitively, each emerging through a process that includes many separate layers, which feature a number of different media. This has given the works a depth and individuality that is truly unique. They are presented in white, wooden floater frames.

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