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Acrylic mixed-media painting on plywood panel

30cm x 30cm (34cm x 34cm with frame)



  • From Canaletto to Singer Sargent, Venice has long attracted artists who have sought to capture its particular beauty and majesty. This mixed-media piece is one of a series I recently completed inspired by a trip to the Italian city in 2016. My visit was in February and it rained. Heavily. So the atmosphere conjured on that occasion was more akin to the Nicolas Roeg movie Don't Look Now.

    In these artworks I've attempted to represent the colours and spacious light of Venice in abstract form, using a variety of marks and mediums. The pieces have been created intuitively, each emerging through a process that includes many separate layers. This has embued the pieces with a depth and individuality that is truly unique. The works are presented in white, wooden floater frames.

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